Students' Projects

Research Projects for Students

We offer projects for Bachelor and Master theses in the field of:

  • Advanced Transmit Diversity Techniques for Multi-Antenna Communications
  • Robust Adaptive Minimum Variance Beamforming
  • Advanced Sensor Array Processing in Partly Calibrated Arrays
  • Robust Multi-Access Receiver Techniques for MIMO Communications
  • Sensor Array Processing for Uncertain Environments
  • Downlink Beamforming for Cellular Mobile Radio Systems
  • Robust Multi-User Detection with Applications to CDMA Communication Systems
  • Channel and Carrier Offset Estimation in Space-Time Coded MIMO Systems
  • Optimization of Linear Block Precoding Algorithms for OFDM Communications
  • Blind Signal Processing Based on Multi-Way Analysis
  • Adaptive OFDM Techniques with Limited Channel Feedback
  • Robust Signal Estimation Using Convex Optimization

Open Projects:

Office hours: Up from 20th April 2020 there are virtual office hours (details see Moodle).