Students' Projects

Forschungsprojekte für Studierende

Wir bieten Projekte für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten in den Bereichen:

  • Advanced Transmit Diversity Techniques for Multi-Antenna Communications
  • Robust Adaptive Minimum Variance Beamforming
  • Advanced Sensor Array Processing in Partly Calibrated Arrays
  • Robust Multi-Access Receiver Techniques for MIMO Communications
  • Sensor Array Processing for Uncertain Environments
  • Downlink Beamforming for Cellular Mobile Radio Systems
  • Robust Multi-User Detection with Applications to CDMA Communication Systems
  • Channel and Carrier Offset Estimation in Space-Time Coded MIMO Systems
  • Optimization of Linear Block Precoding Algorithms for OFDM Communications
  • Blind Signal Processing Based on Multi-Way Analysis
  • Adaptive OFDM Techniques with Limited Channel Feedback
  • Robust Signal Estimation Using Convex Optimization

Aktuelle Projekte


„Investigation of Parameter Estimation Bias in Sparse Signal Reicovery“


Oscar D. Ramos-Cantor „Towards 5G Networks: Scheduling in Massive MIMO“

Florian Bahlke „Green Traffic Offloading in 5G HetNets“

Fabio Nikolay „Learning Directed-Acyclic Graphs from Noisy Knockout Experiments“

Ganapati Hegde „Design and Analysis of Analog Beamformers in Constructive Interference based Hybrid Beamforming.“

Wassim Suleiman „Data Fusing of Inertial Measurement Unit for Pedestrian Trecking“

Dima Taleb „General rank beamforming for multi-group multicasting networking using higher order OSTBC“

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